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Filming Services

We know that often companies have their own in-house post-production team and creative team, so sometimes there is only a need for a reliable and highly skilled video team. We specialize in providing our filming services for marketing agencies, organizations, and businesses across many industries worldwide. Our process is simple, easy, and gives you back the control over what you choose to film (with as much or as little creative input from us as you choose!).

How you can use your filming days

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Creative B-roll


Do you need more 'go to content? We spend half a day to a full day creating content with you. We conduct an hour call with you or your advertising team before the shoot day to find out what type of content would be most useful to you and then create a plan for the day!




We offer a range of interview services that can be customized to fit your goals. Our services include two Sony FX3 Cinema Cameras, full diffused lighting set up, script guidance and teleprompter, Rode NTG5/Sony and Senneiser wireless 24 bit audio recording, DJI RS3 gimbal/drone, Interview slider and more.

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Music/ Events


We offer professional and reliable video production services for all types of events. From corporate events to fundraisers, galas, parties and live music events.

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